Welcome to the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council

Upcoming Events

CPAC Upcoming General Monthly Meeting
May 09, 2024 @ 09:30 AM (Live and Recorded on CPAC’s YouTube Channel. Please keep in mind this is a courtesy due to the pandemic and NOT a right!)

CPAC Monthly Meeting Dates 2023-2024

About CPAC

The Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) is comprised of the presidents (or their designee) of dedicated citywide parent leaders made up of Presidents’ Councils representing 32 districts, 5 High School Boroughs and District 75 who were elected by our peers to advocate for the 1.1 million NYC Public School scholars and their families. CPAC works as a team to identify concerns, trends, and policy issues and to advise the Chancellor on DOE policies.

The purpose of the organization shall be: 

a. To advise the Chancellor, based on input from our members (as defined in Article III), on policies and initiatives of the Department of Education that affect our constituent bodies and New York City (“NYC”) public school students;

b. To inform our constituent bodies about matters affecting the education and welfare of NYC public school students, based on input from our members; 

c. To take an active role in the decision-making process concerning the education and welfare of the NYC public schools and students;

d. To assist and support our constituent bodies in raising the awareness and participation of parents in the education of their children; 

e. To assist and support our constituent bodies in recruiting and training parents to be involved in district- and school-level governance; and

f. To develop and assist in the training of CPAC members.

CPAC meetings are open to the public (Please keep in mind even though we make our meetings open to the public, CPAC meetings can be close meetings. We are not subject to Open Meetings Law (OML) or the Chancellor’s Regulations. Opening our meetings is our way to increase our transparency, share information, and support. This is a courtesy and not a mandate or right for non-members (general public)). Email us at infocpacnyc@gmail.com.

The Executive Board

The CPAC Executive Board is made up of the parent leadership members of CPAC. The Board is responsible for providing support for our members, scheduling and planning CPAC meetings, facilitating all CPAC communication, coordinating CPAC committees, and working with our membership to develop CPAC positions on DOE policy and programs.

2023-2024 Executive Board

Co- ChairpersonsShirley Aubin (QHS) & Randi Garay (D21)

1st Vice ChairpersonJazzy Rivera (D32)

2nd Vice Chairperson Jimmie Brown (D3)

Recording SecretaryAdriana Alicea (D28)

Corresponding SecretaryErica Newsome-Rodriguez (D08)

TreasurerRebeca Staley (D30)

The Members

Since CPAC is comprised of the presidents of the 32 community school district Presidents’ Councils, the 5 borough high school Presidents’ Councils, and the president of the District 75 Council — or their designees (CR A660 Article II Section J), CPAC members are PA/PTA members, School Leadership Team (SLT) members and District Leadership Team (DLT) members. Each Presidents’ Council CPAC representative brings invaluable experience and perspective to CPAC, participating in discussions and committees, voting on CPAC positions and motions, and joining in DOE focus groups. They bring back important information from CPAC to their Presidents’ Council and solicit feedback from their councils. CPAC representatives are a vital link in the dialogue that takes place between the DOE and parents on vital issues affecting all our children. CPAC’s Membership/Representation CPAC’s Political Disclosure

The Committees

CPAC has a variety of committees to help further its missions. The Standing Committees of CPAC include:

  • Multilingual Language Learner (MLL) Committee,
  • Special Education Committee,
  • Title 1 Committee,
  • Legislative / Lobby Day / CPAC Position Committee,
  • Capacity Building & Support Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • High School Committee
  • Wellness (Food / Health & Safety) Committee
  • Alumni Committee

Ad hoc committees can be established at any time and currently include:

  • Accelerating Learning Committee

To sign-up for one of our committees click here

Presidents’ Councils’ Email Addresses (CPAC Membership)

PA/PTAs and Presidents’ Councils are not subject to the Open Meeting Law (OML). Presidents’ Councils are made up of all the PA/PTA Presidents or their designee of that district or borough. Presidents’ Councils’ meetings are closed and it is up to each individual Presidents’ Council to open their meetings up to non-members (Observers). Remember, if they open their meeting up to the public, this is a courtesy and not a right!

District 1 – D1PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 2 – D2PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 3 – D3PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 4 – D4PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 5 – D5PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 6 – D6PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 7 – D7PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 8 – D8PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 9 – D9PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 10 – D10PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 11 – D11PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 12 – D12PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 13 – D13PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 14 – D14PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or presidentscouncild14@gmail.com

District 15 – D15PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 16 – D16PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 17 – D17PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 18 – D18PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 19 – D19PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 20 – D20PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 21 – D21PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or pcd21@schools.nyc.gov

District 22 – D22PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or pcd22@schools.nyc.gov

District 23 – D23PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 24 – D24PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or D24presidentscouncil@gmail.com

District 25 – D25PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or d25pc1@gmail.com

District 26 – D26PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 27 – D27PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 28 – D28PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or d28prescouncil@gmail.com

District 29 – D29PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or d29presidentscouncil@gmail.com

District 30 – D30PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 31 – D31PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

District 32 – D32PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or d32presidentscouncil@gmail.com

District 75 – D75PresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

Brooklyn High School – BHSPresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or brooklynbhspc@gmail.com

Bronx High School – BXHSPresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or BxHSFPC.schoolsnyc@gmail.com

Manhattan High School – MHSPresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov

Queens High School – QHSPresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or QHSPCNY@gmail.com

Staten Island High School – SIHSPresCouncil@schools.nyc.gov or sibhspc@gmail.com