CPAC’s Position Letters and Resolutions

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks Urging Summer Bridge Programs in Every High School – March 09, 2023

CPAC Request for Commitment to Fully Funded Enhanced Cafeterias – March 09, 2023

CPAC Resolution in Opposition to Raising the NYC Charter School Cap and In Favor of Limiting Charter Costs to The DOE Budget And Ensuring More Oversight and Accountability – March 09, 2023

CPAC Resolution in favor of the NY Senate Education Committee and the City Council holding hearings on the DOE planning process for class size reduction plan – February 09, 2023

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks Regarding the Need to Re-Establish the HS Special Education Task Force – February 09, 2023

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks & DC Lloyd on the Adult Education Website January 12, 2023

QHSPC Resolution Supporting Borough Partnerships and Opposing CLT December 12, 2022

CPAC SLT Open Meeting Law Amendment Resolution December 08, 2022

CCHS Resolution Opposing the Citywide Leadership Team (CLT)

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks, UFT President Mulgrew, & CSA President Cannizzaro to Create a Small Class Size Taskforce – October 13, 2022

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Regarding School Safety – August 11, 2022

CPAC Letter to Members of the NYS Senate and Assembly regarding the PEP – May 12, 2022

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks on Support for the Enhance Cafeteria Redesign – May 12, 2022

CPAC Letter to Comm. Rosa and NYS Chancellor Young on June Regents – 04/14/22

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks Urging the DOE to Rescind the Restatement of the 2019-2020 Blue Book

CPAC Resolution on Smaller Class Sizes – 04/14/22

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks on the Lack of High School Voice in the DOE – 03/10/22

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Banks on the Remote Learning Platform – 02/10/22

CPAC Resolution on School Governance and Mayoral Control – 02/10/22

CPAC Letter Urging the Chancellor to Address School Violence 02-10-22

CPAC Welcome Letter to Chancellor Banks

CPAC Letter Opposing Plan to Remove Geographic Priorities in Queens High School Admissions

ECC Resolution Against the CLT Bill

CPAC Letter Stance on CLT October 12, 2020 Minutes (second time the CLT was unanimously voted against support)

ECC and CPAC’s Letter to Adrienne Austin Regarding the CLT

CPAC Letter Supporting Class Size Matters Resolution to Reduce Class Size

CPAC Letter to PEP on the new Chancellor’s Regulation D210

CPAC Letter to the Chancellor to Improve Supports for Mental Health of Our Children

CPAC Letter Urging DOE to Improve Website Information for Those Over 21 Years Old

CPAC Recommendations on A-660 financials only updated June 2017

CPAC Resolution A Full-Remote Option Should Be Offered Again This Upcoming SY 2021 to 2022

CPAC Letter Requesting All High School Students Be Given Digital Services

CPAC Letter to Chancellor Porter and 1st Dep. Chanc. Conyers on New High School Superintendent Structure

CPAC Letter for Proposed access for PA-PTAs

Letter to Carmen Farina Requesting Move to Borough-level DLTs for High Schools