CPAC Livestream Coordinator Form

The Livestream Coordinator appointed by the Chair(s) to the Executive Board will be responsible for monitoring the Livestream platform established by the Council such as YouTube live (Online)during the monthly General Membership Meetings and/or Special Meetings by elevating questions to the Parliamentarian if acknowledged by the Chair on specific agenda related items. He/she must be technology savvy, skilled in IT and intuitive knowledge to operate basic modern hardware, software and website browser such as YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, and WebEx. The appointed Livestream Coordinator must not be a CPAC voting member or non-voting member. He/she must be familiar with CPAC’s Bylaws, Parent Organizations and NYCDOE structures.

Please fill out this form by Friday, April 15, 2022.

For those who know individuals who wish to be considered by the co-chairs to be CPAC’s livestream coordinator, here is the link to fill out the form by April 15th.  (Remember this position is an appointed position by the co-chairs and cannot be a CPAC voting member or non-voting member.)  

Livestream Coordinator Application / Form​