This Past Week – Mayor Eric Adams (03/04/22)


For two years, you’ve been leading the fight against COVID-19. You’ve put in long hours, made huge sacrifices, and literally saved lives. And beginning today, we take a step towards normal as we roll back the indoor mask mandates in public schools for K-12 students and the Key to NYC requirements in bars, restaurants, gyms, and other indoor entertainment venues. We’re also happy to announce that city employees now have the option to remove their masks at their desks during the day. We are able to achieve all of this because of you — because you did the work to get New York City vaccinated. Take a look back at Friday’s announcements and all of the work you did last week.

Last week, I was also lucky enough to attend Schools Chancellor Banks’ address to the Department of Education. His words were so powerful. Everything we do, from tackling COVID to economic development to climate justice, is about leaving behind a better world for these kids. Take a moment this morning to hear some more of Chancellor Banks’ words.

Finally, as mayor of the city home to the largest Ukrainian population in the United States, I know I speak for all New Yorkers when I say we stand in solidarity with Ukraine. The Mayor’s Fund has identified where to donate to help. Find out more on their website.

This is a big week for our city and our country. The economic engine of America is roaring again. New York City is coming back to life. Let’s go Get Stuff Done.

Thank you for all you do,