UFT – Free online academic enrichment on Saturday, April 30

Free academic enrichment tailored to your child’s grade level
The education experts at the UFT Teacher Center invite you and your young scholars to participate in our annual Saturday Academy!

There will be six interactive, online courses, each tailored to a particular grade level, designed to supplement your child’s schoolwork in a fun, creative way.  

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UFT Teacher Center
Saturday Academy Date: Saturday, April 30
Time: 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Where: Online
Cost: Free    

Session topics by grade level 3K to Pre-K — Growing and Changing in Our Environment
Children are naturally curious! They try to make sense of the world around them. Children will have an opportunity to notice dramatic changes that occur in science and nature. We will also explore the growth and transformation in our natural environment. Imagine the ways we can learn, play and discover the beautiful changes all around us!

Kindergarten to 1st grade — I love NY: The Five-Borough Tour
New York City is such an exciting place to live! We will take a virtual field trip as we “visit” the five boroughs of this great city! In this session, we will visit historic and memorable places in each borough! Join us for art, music and movement activities as we tour New York City and celebrate diversity across our communities.

Grades 2 to 3 — The Hero Inside Ourselves
Not all heroes wear capes! They are everyday people who do exceptional things that impact everyone around them. In this session, children will learn about the characteristics of heroes, the different types of heroes, and identify their own unique qualities and strengths to unlock their inner hero. Students will be empowered knowing they are heroes too!

Grades 4 to 5 — City of Heroes
Are heroes BORN or are they MADE? We often see heroic acts that are bigger than life on screen, but many times we miss the heroism that surrounds us in everyday life. Children will explore how heroism manifests in our communities and resides in all of us. Students will learn that they can make positive changes to their community through everyday actions big and small.

Grades 6 to 8 — Say it Loud! The Power of Poetry
Do you want to have fun expressing yourself? The grades 6-8 Saturday Academy will explore the power of poetry and spoken word using colorful language. We will write original poetry and share with our peers. Join us if you want to explore your poetic side.

High school grades — What Matters Now: Students share concerns about contemporary issues
This session is about you and issues you care about. High school students will be invited to use different forms of journaling and create short speeches to share their concerns. You’ll join others who share your interest on a virtual field trip and conversation.    

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