Staff Shortage for Special Education & Multilingual Language Learners

Dear Colleagues,

Please review this email and follow up accordingly.

There are former BCO positions for which there is not enough headcount for each superintendency to staff. As a result, the positions listed below are staffed in one superintendency but will continue to support schools across districts formerly assigned to a BCO and will split their time to work with a caseload of schools as in the former BCO structure. The staff in these roles will be physically located/sit at the superintendent’s office where they are on payroll and report to the superintendent of payroll location (or designee). For example, the Director of Special Education for the Brooklyn North geographical area is staffed in the budget of the High School Superintendency (Janice Ross HS05) but will continue to support schools with special education compliance in the other former Brooklyn North BCO districts (13, 14,15,16,19,23 and 32).

Below are the titles of Superintendent’s office staff serving across districts:

  • Special Education
    • Director of Special Education (supervises the three positions immediately below)

§ Mandated Counseling Compliance Officer

§ Related Service Transmittals Administrator/Associate

§ Special Education Community Support Coordinator

  • Multilingual Learners

o Director for English Language Learners (supervises the position immediately below)

§ Multilingual Learners Compliance Performance Specialist

  • Director of State and Federal Program Implementation (DSFP)
  • Attendance Managers
  • Teacher – Assigned A, Office of School Wellness Programs

The list of staff serving across districts will be shared with superintendents, including contact information, the week of August 8.   The are some vacant positions for staff shared across districts.  We are in the process of posting them.

If you have any questions, please email DSLHRSupport).