Citywide Council on English language Learners (CCELL) September 2022 Monthly Meeting(Election meeting)

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Dear ELL community,

Hope all of you had a wonderful summer.

This Tuesday, CCELL is going to have our first Monthly meeting to welcome the new school year. And it’s also a new start for the council because we are going to elect new officers. 

As an ever ELL parent, I feel honored and humbled to serve the ELL community in the past year. I feel so proud of the whole team, including some former CCELL members. They took their precious time out of their busy day and contribute their efforts, ideas, or opinions. 

Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to run for president/officers this time due to my regular work schedule. And I wish the best luck to the new officers and would still contribute as many ideas as I can.

Please see the detailed meeting agenda below/as the attached. 

We look forward to your attendance. 

All the best,

Charlie Huang


Citywide Council on English Language Learners (CCELL)

The voice of ELL!

Citywide Council on English language Learners (CCELL) September 2022 Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 6:15
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Calendar Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to order and Roll Call                                                                                                     ~5’     
  2. CCELL President’s report  – Charlie Huang                                                                           ~5’     
  3. Approval of of CCELL 2022-23 Budget                                                                                ~10’             
  4. Election of CCELL officers                                                                                                    ~10’
  5. DML presentation                                                                                                                   ~10’        
  6. Committee Reports                                                                                                                  ~10’
  7. Intro of  Family & Community Empowerment(FACE) Liaison  – Settle Anthony                      ~5’
  8. Public comments                                                                                                                      ~5’
  9. Adjournment

Business Meeting Agenda

    1. Call to order and roll call                                                                                                    ~5’
    2. CCELL Annual report  updates                                                                                          ~20’
    3. Old business                                                                                                                        ~10’
    4. New Business                                                                                                                      ~10’
    5. Adjournment.                                                                                                                        ~5’