Open Meetings Law Update – Extended to November 21, 2022

Dear Council Members,

As a further update to our September 23, 2022, message regarding CCEC meetings, the local state of emergency declared by the Mayor to address the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended through November 21, 2022.  

Accordingly, CCECs may continue to hold their meetings remotely through that date if they determine that the COVID-19 pandemic affects or impairs their ability to hold an in-person meeting.  We will continue to provide updates on any extensions of the local state emergency. We encourage CCECs to review the guidance shared on September 14 related to general Open Meetings Law requirements and the steps that CCECs must take if they want to use videoconferencing to conduct their meetings other than during a state disaster emergency or local state of emergency.  

Thank you,

The FACE Team

Division of Family and Community Engagement and External Affairs

New York City Department of Education 

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