Application for the CECs PEP Parent are out!

Panel for Educational Policy

The Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) consists of 15 voting members. Each borough president appoints one member, CEC Presidents elect one member, and the mayor appoints the remaining nine members. The Chancellor and the Comptroller serve as ex-officio non-voting members. 

Under recent changes to the Education Law, the Panel for Education Policy (PEP) will consist of 23 voting members, including 4 additional members appointed by the mayor and 4 additional members elected by CEC presidents. This expansion will be operational starting January 15, 2023. Thus, as of that date, the PEP will consist of 5 members appointed by the borough presidents (one member appointed by each borough president), 5 members elected by CEC presidents (one member from each borough), and 13 members appointed by the mayor (including 4 NYC public school parents, with at least one parent of a child with an individualized education program, at least one parent of a child who is in a bilingual or English as a second language program, and at least one parent of a child attending a District 75 school or program). These members are in addition to the Chancellor and the New York City Comptroller serving as ex-officio, non-voting members.

Parents: If you are interested in serving on the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) as one of the 5 parents elected by the CEC presidents, please complete the application (see below) and send to external link) by November 15, 2022. You must have at least one child currently attending a public, non-charter school in NYC and reside in the borough you seek to represent. If elected, your initial term for the 5 parents elected by the CEC presidents will be from January 15 to June 30, 2023.