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Dear Friend,  

This message is short, sweet and to the point, because we know your inbox is overflowing!  

Your support of Community Food Advocates (CFA) was instrumental in ensuring a year of impact and growth.  

Your support enabled CFA’s Lunch 4 Learning Coalition to secure $50 million in the Department of Education’s Capital budget to redesign cafeterias in an additional 100 public middle and high schools throughout New York City, impacting hundreds of thousands of students. Students who eat well can focus on learning!  

Your support allowed us to build our ground-breaking Youth Food Advocates program to develop 17 food justice leaders who have a significant impact in advancing citywide public policy as well as strengthening the school meals program for more than 33,000 students in their schools.  

Your support empowered us to lead City and State coalitions to advance the Good Food Purchasing Program, including work with the City Council and New York State Legislature to introduce both a City and a State bill.  

And your support positioned us to partner with Hunger Solutions New York to jointly launch the Healthy School Meals for All campaign to bring universal free school meals to every student throughout New York State.   We accomplished this – and more – because of friends like you who believe in us and give us the resources we need. (To learn more, please visit our website.)  

As we look ahead to 2023, we again ask for your support so we can continue to:
– Create the best school meals program imaginable;
– Ensure our Good Food Purchasing Campaign continues to transform the local and regional food systems on both the city and state levels;
– Expand our Youth Food Advocates initiative and build the next generation of food justice advocates; and
– Develop a program to improve supermarket access for long-term, low-income residents in gentrifying neighborhoods throughout the City.

Now more than ever, we need your help in our efforts to ensure all New Yorkers have access to plentiful, nutritional and culturally-appropriate foods.    

Together we do make a difference.   Donate Now

With best wishes for the holiday season,    
Minerva Delgado President, Board of Directors   Liz Accles Executive Director  

Please note our new address: 115 Broadway, New York NY 10006      

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