Learn About Dual Language & Language Supports!

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Dear families,

If you have a child born in 2019, they are eligible to attend pre-K in fall of 2023!  Before the application opens in a few weeks, we wanted to share information about Dual Language and Language Support options!

Dual Language programs support students who speak a home language other than English, including Emergent Multilingual Learners. In these programs, students are taught in two languages: English and a target language, such as Spanish. The goal of dual language programs is for students to become proficient in both English and the target language. 

If you list a dual language program on your application, you will be asked additional questions about your child’s home language, and their proficiency in English and in the program’s target language. Half of seats are allocated for applicants who are proficient in English, and the other half for those are learning English. Applicants are grouped based on language proficiency, then standard admissions priorities are used to make offers. You can learn more about how offers are made on the Pre-K Website”.   

Dual language programs are offered at all pre-K settings (NYC Early Education Centers, District Schools and Pre-K Centers).  They are listed as a separate choice on the application, meaning a school may offer Dual Language and a monolingual pre-K program you can choose from!

Some pre-K programs offer Language Supports as another resource for families whose home language is not English.  Language supports can include: a staff member who is fluent in the target language and is available to support families, interpretation services at family meetings, translated family communications, and teaching staff who support the continued development of both English and the target language.  Some NYC Early Education Centers offer Language Supports, and applicants who speak the target language have priority to attend.Language supports are not listed as a separate program choice. Contact programs directly for more information!

You can locate Dual Language or Language Supports on the Pre-K Directory on MySchools.  Using the “More Filters” filter scroll down where it says “Language Supports/Dual Language”.  This will only list programs who offer these features. 

Still have questions? Call us at 718-935-2009 or visit your local Family Welcome Center.   


3-K & Pre-K Admissions Team