New Year, New Elections!

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It’s 2023! While we don’t have flying cars yet, we do have ranked choice elections. Here’s a look at some important things happening at the polls this year in NYC.  

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What’s on the ballot? This year, the entire City Council is on the ballot. They directly impact daily life in the city and recently voted on issues like paid sick leave, childcare, and salary transparency. Depending on your district, you may also vote for District Attorney, judges, and party positions. Learn more about the offices on your ballot.  

It’s ranking time. This year’s primary election is on June 27. In primary elections, you choose who will represent your political party in the general election. When you vote for City Council in the primary, you’ll have the chance to rank your top five candidates in order of preference instead of choosing just one. Learn more about Ranked Choice Voting.  

Generally speaking. The general election is on November 7. In general elections, candidates from different parties compete to hold office. There will not be Ranked Choice Voting in the general election, so you can choose one candidate per office. Learn more about types of elections.  

What’s at Stake   There’s a lot at stake this year for our city. Looking forward to another year of your vote making a difference!    Make your voice heard,  NYC Votes   P.S. You must be a member of a political party to vote in their primary election.

The deadline to update your party affiliation before the primary is February 14. You can update your party by submitting a new voter registration form. Check your registration.