The State of Our City is Strong

Team –

When I took the stage at Queens Theatre this week, I was able to tell our fellow New Yorkers that the state of our city is strong — and it’s strong because of the work you’re doing every day.

Week In Review | January 22 – 28 – YouTube

The four pillars guiding our work for the next year are jobs, housing, public safety and care. And while my speech was the roadmap for the year to come, I’m proud to say you’re already delivering on that promise.

Our $75 million Small Business Opportunity Fund will create jobs in every neighborhood. When we hit the streets for the annual HOPE Count, we did so knowing our brothers and sisters on the streets must be found and brought home. The additional investments we announced in the Subway Safety Plan in October with Governor Hochul has driven crime down on our subways by double digits. And our new ‘Breaking Bread, Building Bonds’ initiative will bring communities together as we show one another how much we truly care for each other and our city.

The week ended on a difficult note, as International Holocaust Remembrance Day reminded us of the work we have to do to stamp out antisemitism everywhere, and the release of the video of the brutal killing of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police shocked our collective conscience.

As we close out the first month of our second year in office, I hope you can feel the energy and optimism on our city streets — because you’re the ones who make it happen.