Reminder! Moderator Prep Sessions Information and Flyer for Parent Leaders.

Dear FLC’s: Please ensure that the Chair(s) of Presidents’ Councils have received this request for Moderators for their Candidate Forum. 

Good Morning President’s Council Presidents and Co-Presidents,

We are asking you to send us the names of two members who are willing to be moderators for the Education Council Forums starting in the end of February.  The role of the moderators is to host and facilitate the forum. They will introduce the candidates, announce the forum ground rules, and ask the questions prepared by the Presidents’ Council. 

Please find attached the flyer for the upcoming Moderator Prep Sessions starting February 15th. All sessions will be online. You can find the date of your forum HERE

Be sure to select a prep session before the date of your forum.

Please let us know who is serving as moderator by completing this quick survey Moderator information.

Remember, any parent member of the Presidents’ Council may be a moderator unless they are a candidate for an Education Council.


Wednesday, February 15 6:00 PM Zoom Link 
Saturday,  February 25 12:00 PM Zoom Link 
Thursday, March 2 6:00 PM Zoom Link 
Monday,  March 6 12:00 PM Zoom Link  
Tuesday, March 14 10:30 AM Zoom Link 
Tuesday, March 21 1:00 PM Zoom Link 
Saturday, March 25 12:00 PM Zoom Link 
Wednesday,  April 5 9:30 AM Zoom Link 

Thank you,

Elections Team 2023