Today is the deadline to fix your political relationship. No swiping necessary.

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Need to spice up your voting life this Valentine’s Day? Today is the deadline to update your political party affiliation *online* before the June 27 primary election for City Council. Check your voter registration.     

What’s to love about political parties? You must be registered with a party to vote in their primary election. So if you want to vote in the Democratic primary, you must be registered as a Democrat, and so on. Learn more about primary elections.    

Today is the online deadline. February 13 is the deadline to update your party affiliation online. To update your party affiliation, you can submit a new voter registration form. Remember, you must have a New York State ID to update your registration online. Update your registration online.  

Tomorrow is the in-person deadline. You can still update your party affiliation in person at a Board of Elections office through February 14. Find your nearest Board of Elections office.  

Still in love with your party? Then you’re good to go! Just make sure the rest of your voter registration, like your name and address, are up to date.  

Check your registration  

This June 27, City Council, District Attorney (Bronx, Queens, Staten Island), Civil Court judges, and more are on the ballot. If you love your city, vote for our future!  

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P.S. This year we’re hosting youth trainings (virtual and across the city) on how to register to vote and how to cast your ballot with ranked choice voting. RSVP here!