FYI! SEO Scholars – FREE College Access Opportunity

The SEO Scholars Program has had to change how we interact with and educate our Scholars. Despite the uncertainty and fear around us, we continue to grow and our educational learning model evolves with the knowledge we gain each day.

At SEO, we are focused on providing our Scholars with holistic support, including high-quality academic instruction and sessions prioritizing physical safety, socio-emotional well-being, and identity awareness.

We offer:

Holistic Support

  • Academic instruction
  • SEL skill-building
  • College Advising
  • Workshops on time management, self-advocacy, stress management

Remote, live instruction on weekdays and Saturdays

  • 3 hours of math per week
  • 2 hours of advisory
  • Small class sizes → 20:2 or 10:1 instructor: Scholar ratios

Academic Content

  • Student-centered, discussion-based
  • Critical consciousness lens
  • Trauma-informed

Community of Supporters

  • Program Managers – Provide individualized guidance for the full academic year
  • Instructor Team – Math/ELA instructors assigned per semester
  • Mentors – Each 11th Grader is matched with a dedicated college graduate with live 1-on-1 mentoring

SEO’s comprehensive, 8-year program includes:

  • Intensive Saturday, afterschool, and summer instruction throughout high school
  • Summer Enrichment Opportunities, including international travel, internships, and pre-college academic programs
  • Metro Cards and lunch are provided to Scholars (* as needed)
  • Individualized guidance and support in high school and through college graduation
  • One-on-one professional and personal mentorship
  • SAT preparation, financial aid counseling, scholarship advising, and college application support
  • College Persistence Advisors who follow and guide your students for 4+ years through college graduation.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please reach out to our Recruitment Manager, Denicia Niles at