Summer Rising Update

Dear Education Council Members and Members of the Chancellor Parent Advisory Council,

Approximately 94,000 students have been matched with a Summer Rising seat so far, with the remainder set aside for students required to attend summer academic instruction. After all students mandated to attend summer schooling have been confirmed, a select number of seats may become available. Enrollment for these open seats will be broken into two stages.

Stage 1

Beginning Friday, June 16, 2023, families with students who are identified as priority placement will begin to receive emails or calls directly from CBOs regarding any open seats for Summer Rising.

  • Placement priority for these seats are as follows:
  • Priority 1: Siblings that were placed in a different program or did not get a seat
  • Priority 2: Students connected to the CBO and school
  • Priority 3: All other students

Please note, this is not an open application period, and only families who fall within the priority buckets and initially expressed interest in a site with newly available seats will be contacted.

Stage 2

Any available seats following stage 1 will be posted on on Friday, June 23.

  • For families who did not apply to Summer Rising during this first enrollment phase, April 17 – May 1, New York City Public Schools will reopen the enrollment portal (available through on Friday, June 23, for sites with availability.
  • Families will be able to apply for the remaining seats.
  • CBOs will inform families of their acceptance to a CBO/Summer Rising program and the necessary forms for enrollment

If you have questions, please reach out to your student’s school, Summer Rising CBO, or email for assistance. We also strongly recommend you direct families to

Thank you,

The FACE Team  

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