College Prep for Your Seniors at Columbia University

Seeds of Fortune Inc. has just hit the launch button on our College Prep Leadership Program, and guess where it’s happening? The legendary Columbia University! Yep, we’re talking about a golden opportunity for high school students who are ready to rock the world of higher education.

Get Ready for a Game-Changer:
Our College Prep Leadership Program is no ordinary deal. It’s a power-packed 6-month journey that’s all about equipping young women from historically underrepresented backgrounds with the skills and confidence to truly own the college application process.

Who’s In?
We’re all about diversity and empowerment. So, if you’re working with high school students who identify as female and tick the boxes for being historically underrepresented, low to moderate income, and students of color (African American, Hispanic/Latino, & Indigenous Groups) with a household income under $125,000 per year, this program is tailor-made for them.

What’s on the Menu:
We’ve cooked up an immersive virtual learning experience that’s chock-full of interactive sessions covering a range of crucial modules. Think resume building, college essay mastery, scholarship application secrets, financial aid insights, and so much more. We’re not just about boosting academic game – we’re all about nurturing leadership skills that’ll stick around for a lifetime.

Campus Vibes at Columbia:
Hosting this program at Columbia University means students get to soak up the energy of a top-notch campus while benefiting from expert guidance and hands-on learning that’ll prep them like pros for higher education.

Time to Take Action:
Ready to dive in? Applications are officially OPEN, and we’re buzzing with anticipation. The deadline is Monday, September 25, 2023. Trust me, the earlier they apply, the more they’ll stand to gain!

Spread the Word:
We’re reaching out to our awesome recruitment partners (that’s you!) to help us spread the word. I’ve attached our program flyer to this email to easily share with your community. Students can learn more and apply at

Oh, and if you’ve got some stellar stars in mind, you can nominate them to apply at

If you have any questions or would like to set up an info session for your students, feel free to book some time using my calendly link:

Let’s make this program a roaring success together!

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