Interested in applying for the PLAN Pilot? Application Forms & Guidance Now Available!

Applications are now available for schools and programs interested in participating as a PLAN Pilot School. Visit our Applying to Become a PLAN Pilot School webpage for information and guidance, including: 

  • What are the eligibility requirements for applying to participate in the pilot?  
  • How do I submit an application for my school or district to participate in the PLAN Pilot? What forms are required? 
  • When is the deadline for applying to participate in the PLAN Pilot?  

You can also visit our recently updated PLAN Pilot webpage to find general information such as: 

  • If selected to participate, what would my school or district be asked to do? 
  • How will the PLAN Pilot support schools and teachers in transitioning to PBLA? 

Q&A Process: Submit additional questions to by Thursday, October 5th for inclusion in our Q&A process.  Answers will be posted on our website the week of October 16th. 

STAY TUNED! Listserv subscribers will be notified when Mentor School applications become available. 

Visit our recently updated PLAN Program Description webpage to learn about other ways interested schools and educators can engage in this work.