UFT – Need help paying for quality childcare?

Save big on childcare costs

Save big on childcare costs
Good news for our hard-working parents and caregivers! The New York Union Childcare Coalition has launched a new pilot project that aims to increase access to childcare subsidies across New York City. If you’re a working parent or caregiver with kids up to 13 years old, you could be eligible for a childcare voucher that can save you an average of $15,000 per year, per child.
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Parents must be working, live in New York City, and meet income restrictions.
How to Apply
There are limited funds available. Don’t put off taking the following steps to participate in our new childcare voucher program:   Fill out this pre-screening form.
Next you will receive a phone call from the New York Union Childcare coalition to complete the process.
If you are eligible, the coalition will then email an application. A staff member from the coalition will review your application along with any required documentation to finalize the process. Certain restrictions apply.
Need help? Call (212) 558-2244, leave a voicemail with your name and phone number, and a staff member will contact you. Please be patient as the outgoing message is lengthy.