FYI – Health Guidance School Year 2023–24

Health Guidance

This guidance provides best practice considerations for schools for the 2023-2024 school year to help prevent the transmission of illnesses among students and staff.

Schools should report all illnesses among students to their school nurse. If there is not a school nurse on-site, please report to the nursing supervisor. You can find your school nursing supervisors(Open external link). If there is a confirmed diagnosis of a reportable illness among staff, schools should report this to NYC Department of Health Bureau of Communicable Disease at 347-396-2600.

Schools should emphasize the following recommendations below for school communities to stay healthy and safe:

See a Health Care Provider Regularly

If your child has a chronic condition, they may need to see their health care provider more often. The health care provider will manage your child’s condition with a treatment plan. This can reduce your child’s symptoms and lower the chance of an emergency room visit. Schools also offer services that can support an outside health care provider’s care. Learn about services at school for students with conditions like asthmaallergies, and diabetes.

If you don’t have a health care provider, call 311 or the 24-hour Contact Center for NYC Health and Hospitals (H+H) at 844-NYC-4NYC to be connected to care. Care is available in NYC regardless of immigration status or ability to pay. Find a Health Center(Open external link).

Health Insurance

Children with health insurance are more likely to have a regular health care provider and get the health care services they need.

Health insurance helps with the cost of health care provider visits and prescribed medicine. Make sure you and your family are covered. Almost all NYC children can get Child Health Plus health insurance for free or at a low cost. Your child may also be able to get insurance through your job, Medicaid, or the NY State of Health Marketplace.

  • Your school can help you and your family explore options and sign up for health insurance. Reach out to the Parent Coordinator at your school to get connected to an insurance navigator.
  • You can also enroll online through the NY State Health Marketplace, or call their help line: 1-855-355-5777.
  • Students and their families who qualify for Child Health Plus, Medicaid or the Essential Plan can sign up for insurance all year long.

For answers to frequently asked health insurance questions, read Get Covered NYC! More information on free and low-cost insurance options(Open external link) are available.