Missed the kindergarten application deadline? Add your child to waitlists!

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

If you applied to kindergarten by the deadline, you’re all set! There’s nothing else you need to do—your child will receive a kindergarten offer in late March.

If you missed the deadline to apply to kindergarten, you can still add your child to waitlists online with MySchools. Learn how in our How to Add Your Child to Waitlists video. Please keep in mind that you can no longer apply to kindergarten G&T programs or add your child to kindergarten G&T waitlists.

Don’t have a MySchools account yet? It’s easy to create one—learn how in our the “How to Create a MySchools Account” video. 

Questions about kindergarten admissions, offers, and waitlists? Learn more on our website, call us at 718-935-2009 or email us ESenrollement@schools.nyc.gov.

Best wishes,

The Elementary Admissions Team