N-27, 2023-24 



NEW YORK – Schools Chancellor David C. Banks today elevated Kenita Lloyd to the position of New York City Public Schools’ (NYCPS) Chief of Staff. Ms. Lloyd currently serves as Deputy Chancellor for Family and Community Engagement & External Affairs (FACE+EA). As chief of staff, Ms. Lloyd will report directly to Chancellor Banks and work alongside First Deputy Chancellor Dan Weisberg as leaders of the chancellor’s cabinet.   

“Elevating Kenita Lloyd to Chief of Staff is what New York City Public Schools needs in this moment, as we make good on our administration’s promise to build bright starts and bold futures for our students,” said Chancellor David C. Banks. “In particular, her work as Deputy Chancellor engaging stakeholders and parents makes her uniquely qualified for this role. Her deep knowledge of how this system and our communities work will provide my leadership team with the guidance and support it needs to pursue our critical priorities, and her vision and strategic outlook will continue to be a catalyst for change throughout this administration.”   

“Since the beginning of this administration, Kenita Lloyd has been dedicated to the students and families of this city, advocating and elevating their voices to Tweed and City Hall. As the lead liaison to New York City’s parents, Ms. Lloyd created the NYC Public Schools Interfaith Advisory Council, assisted in the creation of the ‘Meeting the Moment’ agenda to end hate, and worked tirelessly to bridge the divide by engaging families to deliver tangible results,” said Chief of Staff to the Mayor Camille Joseph Varlack. “As Chief of Staff and City Hall liaison to New York City Public Schools, I have worked hand in hand with Ms. Lloyd on a multitude of issues and am confident that Ms. Lloyd will bring her deep experience and expertise to better serve the entire New York City Public School system in this role.”  

During her time as deputy chancellor of FACE+EA, Ms. Lloyd has led several successful initiatives aimed at changing the narrative for NYCPS and engaging families and communities as authentic partners in our schools. She initiated the rebrand of the ‘Department of Education’ to ‘New York City Public Schools.” Ms. Lloyd led the charge of developing and implementing NYCPS’ “Meeting the Moment” agenda in response to the conflict in the Middle East, by creating NYCPS’ first interfaith advisory council, as well as guiding both agency’s the messaging and strategy. Ms. Lloyd has ushered in an expanded Panel for Educational Policy with a revised set of bylaws and a code of conduct. Under Ms. Lloyd’s leadership, engagement with both elected officials and members of the Panel for Educational Policy has significantly increased with regular policy briefings and an ‘open door’ for accessibility – including a citywide budget transparency roadshow – which led to two renewals of mayoral accountability in three years. Finally, under her leadership NYCPS launched its first regular ‘State of Our Schools’ and monthly cultural events to celebrate the diversity of our public schools.    

“Kenita Lloyd epitomizes the concept of a leader and a public servant. Having worked closely with Kenita on several initiatives, I have witnessed her dedication and vision firsthand,” said Reverend Jacques DeGraff, Chair of the NYCPS Interfaith Advisory Council. “She brings a unique blend of strategic insight and heartfelt commitment to her work, making her the ideal choice for Chief of Staff. Her leadership will ensure that our schools not only meet the current challenges but also embrace future opportunities with confidence and clarity.”   

“Kenita Lloyd has always been a great support to parents and communities who advocate on behalf of all students at New York City Public Schools,” said Greg Faulkner, Chair of the Panel for Education Policy. “Promoting her to Chief of Staff is proof that this administration is committed to making parents their true partners, and that keeping their ear to the community is a priority. I am very pleased to celebrate this appointment.”     

“Kenita Lloyd has been a industrious advocate for parents and families throughout her tenure as Deputy Chancellor. Her ability to listen, understand, and act on the concerns of our communities has been instrumental in building trust and partnership between schools and families. In addition, understanding that true collaboration is needed with the parent and family stakeholders to achieve academic excellence through equitable educational policies and practices. As Chief of Staff, she will undoubtedly continue to prioritize and uplift the parent and family voices of those who are truly invested in the success of our students.” – Shirley Aubin, Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council Co-chair 

About New York City Public Schools: New York City Public Schools is a testament to the history and impact of urban education in the United States. With over 1,600 schools spread across five boroughs, the system is made up of approximately 1 million students and staff, making it the largest public school system in the nation. These schools employ more than 75,000 teachers, who deliver a rich tapestry of educational experiences to a student body that reflects the city’s vibrant and diverse cultural heritage. This network of educational institutions represents not just the scale of New York City’s commitment to public education, but also its dedication to fostering a learning environment that is as dynamic and diverse as the city itself. 


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