Parking ticket text message scam

Dear City Employee,

The Department of Finance is aware of a scam targeting people about parking tickets or camera violations.

People are receiving messages advising them that they have “additional charges” on an “unpaid parking invoice.”

This is a scam. The Department of Finance does not send text messages to vehicle owners about their parking tickets or camera violations.

Customers should take the following steps to protect themselves:
1. Ignore and delete the message. Do not click any links.
2. Visit the Department of Finance’s website to review and pay valid parking tickets and camera violations.
3. Report the scam to your bank or credit card company as needed. You can also report attempted fraud to the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Additionally, here are some tips for how New Yorkers can stay vigilant against scams:
* Be suspicious of unsolicited texts or emails from individuals seeking personal information, especially if they claim it’s an urgent request.
* If you believe you are being targeted by a social engineering attack:
– Verify the company or individual contacting you. 
– Do not click on links or phone numbers in the message and never provide personal information or passwords. 
* If you think you are a victim of social engineering attack, contact the relevant account providers, and monitor your account activity, and change any passwords you may have provided.
* To help better protect your phone and personal information, download the City’s free NYC Secure app in the Apple or Google App store. 

Please share this information with customers who contact you regarding this matter. If you have questions about outstanding parking tickets you may have, please call 311.

NYC Department of Finance