To ensure that our CPAC meetings are run smoothly, fairly, and in compliance with our
CPAC Bylaws, we ask you to respect the following procedures & adaptations:

  1. Please do not speak until recognized by the Chairperson(s), who will be assisted in
    managing the meeting by our Parliamentarian.
  2. Please limit your comments/questions to 2 minutes to ensure maximum participation by
    the greatest number of representatives. The parliamentarian will be monitoring the time
  3. Remember that the order of speakers, per our Bylaws is: A. Executive Board, B.
    Voting members, C. Non-voting members, if there is time and they are recognized by
    the Co-Chair(s) and assisted by the parliamentarian.
    ❖ We want to make sure that we hear from as many people as possible during the course of
    the meeting. Therefore, there will be times when we do not call on someone who has just
    spoken. Please understand this is an attempt at fairness.
    ❖ All voting members have first seating preference at the table(when in person) and virtually
    (Zoom). Membership must be clearly identified by displaying the membership identification
    plaque(when in person) and/or their district # by renaming themselves on the Zoom
    participants listing reflecting the district he/she represents. Please note that if the president is
    not present at the table and/or on Zoom, the designee is the voted representative for that
    district and is able to vote on matters of the membership. Alternates must have written notice
    from the President Council’s Presidents/Designees or an email sent to CPAC at indicating they can speak and vote on behalf of their districts.
    ❖ For the purposes of voting on any CPAC business, only the voting members/designee of
    your district who is eligible to vote shall be seated at the table and/or virtually on Zoom.
    For additional information on meeting rules and procedures, please refer to CPAC’s Bylaws
    which is available upon request or a copy is available on the website at:
    Robert’s Rules of Order (newly revised) RONR is the parliamentary authority used to govern
    unless inconsistent with these bylaws.

CPAC’s Meeting Procedures & Standing Rules Doc