December 9, 2021 Meeting

Join us with our CPAC District Voting Members on:
Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 9:30 am

Welcome to CPAC's General Membership Meeting.

To ensure that our CPAC meetings are run smoothly, fairly and in compliance with our Bylaws, we asked that you respect the following parliamentary procedures & CPAC rules of conduct pursuant to these Bylaws adaptations:

Under normal circumstances, CPAC would meet monthly at Tweed, District Presidents’ or their representatives would only be seated at the table. Members of the general public are welcome to attend the meeting in the room as observers.

Since we are in unprecedented times, we continue to hold our monthly meetings virtually. In order to practice the same order of business, voting members continue to have a seat at the table virtually on the live Zoom platform, while members of the public continue to have a seat virtually in the room on the YouTube platform to view the meeting as observers.

The privilege to speak or to ask questions as per our Bylaws is: A. Executive Board, B. Voting members, C. Non-voting and members of the general public, if time permits and they are recognized by the Co-Chair(s) and assisted by the parliamentarian.

Should a question/concern arise from an agenda item that is being discussed during our meeting, you should get in contact with your presidents’ council representative after the meeting (if possible) so that they can bring your concerns or questions to the membership. Email of your President Council CPAC Voting Representative is available through your school district.

We do have CPAC Executive Board Members monitoring the YouTube chat for questions pertaining to an agenda item should the Chair acknowledges taking questions from the general public.

We are deeply grateful and appreciate the time you have committed to participate in our monthly General Membership Meetings. Thank you for virtually attending CPAC!

CPAC Executive Board

Link to Live streaming will be happening from the CPAC youtube channel: